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Upload my data to compare with LabExMI cohort.

In case you have acquired cytometry data following the LabExMI protocols, it is possible to upload here your data so that they can be projected on top of the results collected on the 1000 healthy donor cohort of the LabExMI.


  • Export your cytometry statistics data as a CSV file (with FlowJo for example):
    • make sure it uses a comma as a separator (”,”)
    • the first line of the file is expected to be the columns’ header. It needs to at least list the phenotypes of interest. Only phenotypic names matching exactly the LabExMI phenotypes will be considered.
    • add 5 new columns to your data with group information: AgeGroup (20-29yr,60-69yr), GenderGroup (Men, Women), AgeGenderGroup (20-29yr M, 20-29yr F, 60-69yr M, 60-69yr F), AGE.V0 (Age in years i.e 22.7), CMV.V0 (Positive/Negative)
    • one row should represent one donor/patient
    • other columns are permitted in the file but will be ignored.
  • Use the upload button to select the file you wish to analyse.
  • Following the upload, the “boxplot view” will be set automatically so that the uploaded phenotypes will be presented all at once, and the uploaded data will appear on top of the LabExMI data, as black dots.
  • An example CSV file is available at the bottom of this page.
  • you can contact me at if you have any questions, or comments.
example CSV file